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Custom Rigid Boxes

Why Does Rigidity Hold So Much Importance?

While taking care of the aesthetics of your packaging, one should never ignore the importance of the quality of packaging. The quality of packaging represents the status of your brand, which is associated with the loyalty of your customers. It won’t matter how much hard work you put into the visual appearance of the box; nothing stays intact if your packaging is a mess. Moreover, your packaging has to go through various transit stages from factories to markets to consumers; hence it is essential to use durable and custom rigid boxes that protect your boxes from any wear and tear.

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TPB-UK is your one-stop solution for custom rigid boxes wholesale. We have exemplary printing technologies that manufacture packaging solutions at the price most affordable. Our objective is to satisfy all our consumers and stand over their expectations. From choosing your desired custom luxury rigid boxes to delivery, we’ll be there to assist you with everything.

Critical Uses and Benefits Of TPB-UK Cardboard Custom Rigid Boxes:

A brand’s name is built with its customer contentment. And customer contentment comes with providing quality products every time. TPB-UK rigid boxes are a sturdy and durable material that protects your product during transit. What makes are rigid luxury boxes special?

Our rigid packaging is a sturdy material to protect your item from external damage. Material is highly resistant to moisture, which helps maintain the freshness of your product. Our rigid boxes are best, for example, if you want to pack any eatery like a hot dog, doughnuts, ice creams, etc. Rigid boxes are exceptionally user-friendly hence easy to pack and unpack.

TPB-UK rigid packaging can be customised in multiple shapes and sizes. Rigid boxes serve as a vital branding tool to market your product; hence use TPB-UK unlimited customisation option and give your box a striking appearance.

Premium Quality Materials:

TPB-UK completely understands the importance of good quality packaging; hence we never compromise on our selection of materials. TPB-UK uses premium quality materials to make custom cardboard rigid boxes that elevate your brand’s reputation in the market. Our plethora of enthralling custom luxury rigid boxes include:

  • Cardboard material
  • Corrugated material
  • Cardstock paper material
  • Kraft paper material

Every item has particular dimensions. Hence it’s essential to ensure that your product reaches your customers presentably. Any ruination to the presentation will diminish your brand’s image. TPB-UK custom rigid boxes will protect your item at every stage.

Latest Printing Technology and Methods:

With our total in-house production, TPB-UK offers you an abundance of custom-tailored display counter packaging boxes in the UK that convinces the consumer to purchase your products. Therefore our marketing teamwork all day and night with our designing team to provide you with stylish rigid packaging boxes that increase your brand exposure and give you memorable custom album boxes.

Our exclusive printing techniques will promote your brand and clench the attention of your target audience. Do you want extravagant visuals or taglines to be printed? Just let our design team know. They will take care of it by coming out with a solution for the packaging you desire.

Our Range of Printing Techniques Include:

Digital Printing, Flexography, Embossing, Debossing, Foil Stamping, Lithographic Printing.

Packaging distinguishes one brand from another as the product inside it cannot be examined if anything can persuade a customer to trust your brand. Marketing strategies are carefully executed by packaging companies that boost your sales. TPB-UK packaging company’s house production team is exceptionally experienced and aware of current marketing tactics to help your rigid boxes stand out from others.

We offer a vivid range of spectacular customisations with branding glazing, extravagant visuals, and an exclusive font style that convinces the audience to buy your product. TPB-UK has several templates to offer. However, if you have any recommendations, our team will help you convert your vision into an enthralling masterpiece.

Wide Range of Finishing Methods:

The only option to impress your customers is distinctive packaging and a professional finish. TPB-UK offers multiple finishing methods for your rigid boxes that offer an extremely dazzling finish. Few of them are listed here. Our finishing options include:

  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • UV spot
  • Varnishing

The UV printing method is quite popular and is immensely used by TPB-UK producers to give your ice cream boxes a shimmering look. Gleaming and matte lamination gives your rigid packaging boxes a more upscale look. Hence it makes the most chance of customers choosing your product.

Why Are Custom Rigid Boxes So Crucial for Your Business?

Custom rigid boxes are diverse that can pack several things. They are well-known for the utmost safety they provide to your product. Shop keepers use them to pack several products like soap, cosmetics and others. However, these boxes serve as a branding note to attract potential buyers. Typically, they are kept on counters, racks, or shelves where customers can easily see them.

Rigid packaging boxes are used as an ideal way to market brand-new products. Hence these boxes should be designed cautiously considering marketing tactics and the target audience. TPB-UK’s marketing team is very professional and serves millions of consumers worldwide. Our marketing methods are trusted; hence we know how to design boxes that make your product visible to the public eye.

Why Choose Us?

TPB-UK is known to have the swiftest turnaround time which means quality packaging within the given times Our customer service is extremely supportive and is ready to serve you all the time. We offer free design support so that you can see and trust us on what your final products will be.

Our custom rigid boxes are made up of 100% recyclable material which means we are in complete support of sustainable packaging. Our boxes are shipped flat. They are easy to assemble so no hassle in packing and unpacking the boxes.

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