Bookend from TPB-UK can meet all of your criteria if you are seeking durable and stylish custom boxes for your pricey products such as software or computer hardware, cosmetic sector products, or other electronic devices. Custom bookend boxes of all sizes and dimensions are printed with CMYK, offset or PMS printing techniques to perfection and die-cut to exact specifications, with double-thick front panels that open and close as simply as turning a book page over.

The Bookend Box has an additional panel affixed to the front, giving our designers more options to take the display to the next level. The extra panel opens like a book, but the rest of the box is more like a straight tuck end box. Make use of our flexible form and size options to ensure that your product is launched effectively in the market.

We provide printed bookends just the way you want. You can get your costume bookend box which will allow you to choose your design along with the print you want. Anything you want to write on the bookend box or the colour chosen will be entertained. We here at TPB-UK try to entertain our clients in the best possible way. To experience the best services and products, contact us!


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