Box with Hanging & Locking Tabs

Each sort of packaging box has its own set of characteristics and applications. Unlike in the past, when boxes were just used to keep products secure, today’s boxes are employed for marketing and promotion. As the industry has grown massively, there are many different sorts of boxes available nowadays. So the manufacturers who design boxes with hanging and locking tabs are in high demand in the industry as we provide premium packaging solutions. We are your best bet for getting high-quality encasements customized to your needs and preferences.

The box with hanging and locking tabs is a type of box that is commonly used to package electrical products, ornaments, gifts, and other items and can be hung in retail stores. These encasements give you protective locks in addition to hanging. Furthermore, the die-cut windows on these containers distinguish them.

Using the Custom Box with Hanging and Locking Tab of TPB-UK, you can easily achieve this goal. They’re the boxes with a cut on the top so you can hang them up properly. The top or opening of such boxes can also be customised, ranging from a simple lock tab to a one or two-sided opening. You may also add a die-cut window to these boxes for a more fashionable and up-close appearance.


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