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Custom ECO-Friendly Boxes

At the current rate that global warming is affecting the earth, every business must make green choices. A green choice may begin from the decrease in the use of plastics to a decrease in overall usage of products that impact the earth and its atmosphere negatively. But the most helpful stuff is Packaging boxes are one of the products that if converted to green practices for good can save a tonne of water and lower the emission of harmful gasses in the air. What can the environmentally friendly way be for packaging? Well, The Packaging Boxes offers custom eco-friendly packaging boxes and kraft boxes that are the greenest packaging option available in the market.

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A brown porous paper with high resistance for tearing, kraft is one of the greenest packaging stocks to manufacture custom printed boxes. If you are an environmentally conscious brand, rest assured that kraft custom boxes manufactured by us are exceedingly eco-friendly and impact the environment minimally. Since this stock option goes through a limited number of processes only, the energy and resources required to manufacture it are significantly less when compared to other stock options.

Moreover, The Packaging Boxes also makes use of non-toxic inks for printing. While kraft material as a stock can be used to manufacture any style of box, let us take a look at the different industries that majorly make use of it.


Companies that offer shipping services, package their products or packaging boxes of other companies in kraft boxes. The name or logo of the company is printed for customisation and branding and the structure of the box is a simple tuck-style. These boxes are larger than normal ones as they are designed to carry heavy loads. Since kraft has high tear resistance, it makes for a secure box for shipping purposes.

Food & Beverage:

Another industry that uses this stock quite frequently is the food and beverage industry. Drinks like wine and beer are packaged predominantly inside boxes and carriers made out of eco-friendly stock. Likewise, Chinese takeout boxes and bakeries make use of kraft stock exceedingly too. For bakeries, kraft has become an essential staple as it goes well with the theme of veganism that is quite popular among the young generation too.

Fashion & Apparel:

The fashion industry has also been catching up with the recent happenings of the world. Like most aspects of businesses all around the world, designers are opting for sustainable fashion instead of a fast-disposable one. To package the sustainable apparel items, it would only be suitable to make use of eco-friendly kraft stock. Since the apparel items are manufactured without damaging the environment much and made to last for a long period, kraft stock works best for their packaging.

The design team at The Packaging Boxes can personalise and alter your kraft boxes as per your wishes and requirements. No matter what product you wish to retail, our design team can come up with a suitable packaging box for you in a short amount of time and that too without any extra charges. While the industries mentioned above are small in number, kraft is used quite widely all over the world for multi-purposes.

Please get in touch with our customer care for wholesale boxes to get a free quote for eco-friendly custom kraft packaging boxes.

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