Double Wall Tray

Double-wall tray boxes are essentially structured like normal tray boxes (a box tray that is covered by a bowl sleeve) but the inner walls of the tray itself are doubled to provide more protection for the product that needs to be packaged inside. These custom wall tray boxes are great choices when used as gift boxes and can successfully keep products such as perfumes, watches, jewellery and other luxury items safe and protected. One can either have them made with normal paper stock or add a more expensive touch by going with rigid boxes.

Do you require high-quality yet affordable custom double wall tray boxes? Well, The Packaging Boxes offers wholesale double wall tray boxes which can be customised as per your requirements and desires. The Packaging Boxes can manufacture bespoke double wall tray boxes from a variety of paper stock options, have them designed by experts and delivered to your doorstep, all in 4-6 business days.

However, If this is not what you were looking for, you can always choose your style ofย Custom Figure And Pattern Boxes. Besides, TPB also offers free quotes and free delivery for all orders all over the UK.


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