If you avail of our services, you will follow the following terms and conditions. We retain the right to alter these conditions and guidelines without any intimation or prior notice. We advise you to visit this page whenever you log in to our website. The Packaging Boxes is the proprietor of all the materials that are used for the creation of our products. It is also our prerogative to distribute free specimens or showcase the custom boxes as a display of our expertise and designs.

Copyright Notice

By utilising our website, you recognise and understand that all substance of our website including content, information, software, photos, representations, pictures, delineations, maps, models, icons and different materials together fall under “our website contents” and are the property of The Packaging Boxes including outsider suppliers. Duplicating, altering, stockpiling, republishing, transmission or any general circulation of “our website contents” is denied without our written approval.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

While our designing services are provided to customers free of charge, we reserve the right to retain 30% of the manpower hours amount in the event that a customer requests a refund and cancels an order. This deduction is made to compensate for the time and effort our team has invested in the project. We believe it’s important to be transparent about our refund policy, and we strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide.

User Conduct for our Website

You alone will be held responsible for the substance that you upload, send, post or generally disseminate to or through our website. You concur that any content that you send, transfer, present or generally transmit on or through our website or is utilised in connection or combination with our website contents will exclude any content, picture, design, trademark, service mark or any copyrighted material of other parties unless you have acquired the proper approvals from those particular proprietors for such use. You concur and warrant that you may not send a transfer, post or generally convey or transmit to or using our website any material that is obscene, unlawful, or confines different clients from using our website or violate the intellectual property rights or other exclusive privileges of The Packaging Boxes or any third party.

We have no command over the material shared by the clients of The Packaging Boxes and consequently, we do not confirm the legitimacy, fairness or ethical quality of the material. The Packaging Boxes won’t be in charge of any web content which you find profane, unlawful or oppressive.

The Packaging Boxes has the privilege to expel any material that is vulgar, injurious or generally unlawful yet it’s not their obligation to remove such material which disregards terms and conditions of packaging are considered as unacceptable. The organisation has all the right to update the content of the site as often as they like or may uncover it if required (a) comply with legal process; (b) impose the terms of service; (c) answers the claims that the web content violates the outsiders right; or (d) safeguards the rights, wealth or well-being of our site and its clients.

To enjoy our services and products, it is your essential obligation to give the site the right information. Our site is intended for the utilisation of people and no other mechanised means. Any abuse of our website which disregards the terms and conditions of The Packaging Boxes will be viewed as illicit and legal action will be taken to prosecute the fraudulent users.

By utilising our site, you assert that you have all the fundamental consent, right and control to submit the orders and you approve The Packaging Boxes to create the items for your benefit. By utilising our web page and by submitting your orders on our site you agree and warrant that you are of adequate lawful age to make restricting lawful commitments during your experience of using our website.

You are exclusively in charge of securing your password and controlling access to your registered account. You concur that you will be responsible and obligated for all requests and orders put or other activities that are done through your registered account. When you, or somebody to whom you have permitted to use your account, submit orders with your password, you concede us the unhindered royalty-free and non-exclusive permission to utilise, recreate, sub-license, change, adjust, distribute, show and make derivative works from the substance on the site and on the printed product for storing blueprints or handling print orders.

Access to specific segments of our site obliges clients to enlist their emails and names along with the creation of a secret password for future access to the password secured region of our website. We have the right to demand more individual and business data if required.

You are alone being exclusively in charge of ensuring the privacy of your password and may not unveil it to any other individual. If an unapproved user gains access to the password-protected territory of the site because of you, you concur that you should be subject to any such unauthorised use.

Your utilisation of our site constitutes consent to gathering and utilisation of your data as depicted in The Packaging Boxes “protection policy”. You concur that you have perused and understood our privacy policy, and your personal and business data will be gathered and utilised as portrayed in our privacy policy.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability

You concur to guard, reimburse and hold innocuous The Packaging Boxes including its individuals, executives, workers, delegates, merchants, providers, members and subcontractors from and against any claims and harms if a claim or attestation is made against the organisation in light of the alleged wrongful actions of the clients or unproven printing performed of the items by the organisation and asked for by the clients.

(a.) Disregards any legitimate assurance of any individual

(b.) Includes occasions that are noxious, damaging, foul

(c.) Are the aftereffects of unapproved access to any password-protected territory of our site. You should repay and hold us safe from any misfortune, damage, destruction or vandalism which emerges as a result of any claim

(1.) Shield the organisation against any claims

(2.) Tip any verdict award

(3.) Paying us for any legal charges and costs which are involved.

The company won’t be responsible for any mischance, demise, dangerous occasion, harm or hold up of any kind of its specialists, representatives, showcasing staff, media individuals and pertinent experts which are brought on by either the use of our site through the data received or if any party was prescribed of such a probability of harms.

On no occasion might our aggregate risk to you for all harms, misfortunes and reasons for activity including but not restricted to carelessness, emerging from this agreement or your utilisation of our site surpass the sum paid by you to The Packaging Boxes for the request or demand.

Return and Refund Policy

If you discover any problems in printing your item or the item is not printed according to your requirements, you have to notify the organisation within 3 working days after receiving your order. If there should be an occurrence of flawed printing or unrequested printing, we reproduce your original order but do not offer refunds. Deformity checking is done by the administrative team. The clients need to send the defective item’s photographs to the organization, along with the complete defected order, utilising their money within 7 business days to obtain the reprinted products. Also, accelerated orders have charges that have no refunds.

Payment, order placements and cancellations

Oasis Packaging limited is taking payments on behalf of the packaging boxes. We charge for our products in GPB on our site. Likewise, payment will be received in the same manner. The organization begins dealing with your submitted orders once they have received the total amount of money you owe them which includes taxes, shipping charges etc. Through some authentic payment source.

To place your orders, you have to send us the final form of the ordered product or services either electronically, or by post. Once you finalise your orders with us it is sent to the printing department for printing purposes. But once the orders get into the printing phase no changes will be made concerning anything. However, there is a 4-hour window for you to cancel your order after proof approval. The cancellation charges are 20 GBP and 5 % will be deducted from the full payment of your order. The longer you take to cancel your order the more will be the charges. It will cost you 50 % of your total payment if you order cancellation after 24 hours. this cost will cover the wasted time and resources that were utilised by the company in making your order. However, cancellation after 24 hours is not a given.

Design Orders

We do not offer any reimbursements or credits for any orders of design services. Any design order once placed will be final.

VAT Policy

We charge VAT on all orders that come to us from the government of the United Kingdom. If you are tax exempt please provide your tax exemption certificate while placing your order with us.

Customers Submitted Artwork and Files

Our team of professionals produce a hard or electronic copy from all the artwork and files submitted by the website users as proof. We require you to submit your artwork and files in CMYK format with at least three hundred dots per inch resolution in the final size. If you do not fulfil this requirement, we will not be accountable for printing as distorted, vague, pixilated and changes in colours appear in the process of converting your files to CMYK format.

You alone are exclusively in charge of the accuracy and correctness of your artwork and files. the alignment and orientation of the pages of your submitted files is also your responsibility. The Packaging Boxes in no way is liable for any harm, loss or destruction of your artwork/file submissions. But we will take all the precautions we can to prevent the loss of your artwork and files.

You concur that you are the proprietor of all the substance that you upload on our website or you have taken the necessary steps to acquire the lawful use of any content uploaded to our site.

We also reserve the right to reject any order which we consider to be illicit in its nature or a violation of the rights of a third party. You warrant complete legal responsibility for all the material that will be printed and processed on your behalf and with your guidelines. We can refuse any order without prior notification or declaring reasons. Please see to it that you do not upload any harmful, obscene, offensive or profane material for printing by The Packaging Boxes.

Proofs and Colour Accuracy

We request you to be carefully and thoroughly review your proof before approval. You will have to check it with the original file for possible errors in duplication, spacing, structure, punctuation, bleeds, size, crops and the final content. Make sure that your electronic proof does not display any issues in transparency, overprinting or changes in colour from the conversion of the file to CMYK. The appearance of the printed colours may get affected by the lamination or UV coating. We in no way will be accountable for the final colour appearance of the laminated product(s).

For any services or printing products, you order you will need to approve proof either via electronic file or with a hard copy. Unless you provide this approval of proof your order will not be sent to the printing press. So, it is your obligation to login in with your registered account and checks on the proof we require. We will not be held accountable for any delays that occur due to the non-approval of the proof by our customers or users of this website. The turnaround time that we have mentioned on our website will only start after you have submitted the approval of proof.

The customer is Responsible for all that is contained in the Final Approved Proof

The colour to be printed is produced from the submitted artwork file but it cannot be exactly like that colour due to the built-in limitations of the printing processes as well as adjoining picture ink needs, the colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed. When you place an order, you agree to this drawback of the system. The employees are advised to try their best to provide the closest colour but the company is not liable for colour changes between expected and printed work. There will be no reprinting done for such colour alterations which are there due to the system limitations. We are not responsible for the matching colour, ink, density on the printed products which you approved. However, the company guarantees colour precision and matching if you order hard proof from the company. It is to be informed that hard copy proof will cost you more otherwise.

No Liability for Errors

The Packaging Boxes is not responsible for any errors in the final product that was due to any of the following:

  • font, grammar and spelling mistakes
  • overprinting errors
  • die lines, erroneous fonts, cropping marks
  • cracks in folds
  • percolating marks, graphics punctuation
  • the difference in the finished size of the product
  • overruns/under-runs

We usually deliver the exact number of products orders and a small surplus without charging our customers additional money. In the case of an under-run- your bill will surmount to the quantity you received. The most accepted trade practice is delivering 5 % of the quantity that was ordered, in addition, or subtraction and that is what we follow.

Speed of Production, Order Delivery and Shipping

After you have submitted your artwork or files, reviewed it, is accepted by our prepress department, approved the press-ready proof (electronically or in hard copy) and paid all the dues is when our turnaround time for printing and production speed starts. During your order placement, we allow you to choose the speed of production which tells the number of business days needed to print your order and hand it over to the shipping company for shipment. We should receive your approval of proof before 10 am central standard time.

The production team decides the destination according to the nature of the job, pricing factors and fastest turnarounds. However, the quality of products and the turnaround time remains the same regardless of the production location.

If there is any specific requirement to have your boxes to be printed within our facilities, you need to inform us before giving the final approval.

Once your order is processed for production, The Packaging Boxes shall not be responsible for any claims to switch production locations.

Getting the orders printed and delivered in time is our main concern. However, The Packaging Boxes will not be responsible for any kind of harm or consequence faced as a result of a delay in delivery or shipment. You agree to not hold The Packaging Boxes accountable for the delays that might occur in shipment due to bad conditions beyond our control. In the event of delays due to the shipping company, bad weather conditions, customs issues failure of equipment during the printing process or technical issues, expedited charges will be given back. Note that the orders will not be cancelled because of delays in the printing process.

You concur to pay all the charges and costs on goods that are shipped to their particular whereabouts. It is the responsibility of the customer to make the necessary arrangements for customs clearance for the shipments that are not delivered in the UK.

We offer standard 12-14 business days to be shipped to any one location per order within the UK without weight limit or quantity. Shipping to additional destinations will mean extra charges. During shipment or delivery, we are not accountable for any kind of loss, delay, damage or theft to the printed products. We also do not guarantee delivery and shipping transit times. The Packaging Boxes will not be responsible for any damage which occurred during shipping. Damaged or lost shipment claims can be filed after 6 business days from the date of package shipment.

We will charge additional handling and shipping charges for reshipment if you provide us with an incorrect shipment delivery address or otherwise make errors while providing the complete delivery address.

Changes in Terms and Conditions and our Website

It is our right to change and alter any part of our website along with the terms and conditions of our packaging whenever we want without prior notice. The changes made to any section of our website including the terms and conditions will be effective immediately. Your continuous utilisation of our site after the changes will mean that you agree with whatever changes have been implemented.

How to Contact The Packaging Boxes?

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.