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CD Covers

A CD is considered one of the valuable items of every person. It holds tremendous importance nowadays for storing essential data and promoting the brand you stand for. Some people keep a massive collection of CDs and consider it a commemorative and close object for their lives. They look for ways to protect their valuable CDs, which they can find through CD covers. Many businesses are also customizing CD Cover for promoting their brand from the desired point of view. Its specially designed for the safety of custom retail boxes and protection of CDs for the most extended period and branding purposes.

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TBP UK will help you to achieve this purpose. We are one of the leading packaging companies to provide you with the most durable and attractive custom Bookend CD case. We assure you that our CD cases are sturdy and reliable, which will help you protect your valuable CDs and prevent them from breaking. Our Artistically designed Bookend CD case will help you enhance the beauty of CD covers and provide you with a sensible way to strengthen the sale of a particular product. They are available in different styles and sizes according to your requirements.

Take Advantage of Our CD Cover Designs:

Getting your CD placed in a suitable case is essential for its protection. Packaging that perfectly suits its purpose is very crucial, especially for CDs. For instance, if you place four CDs at a time in a custom Bookend CD case without knowing its features, you have made a mess. All your CDs must be destroyed. This way, we have an expert team to help you design and package your product to help your brand do well in the market.

There are a variety of CD covers available in the market. Every CD cover has a different storage capacity. At our Company, we have a variety of styles, sizes, dimensions, and designs of CD covers to offer our customers. It would be best to be careful about choosing the right cover for your CD. Still, our experts are here to help you. There are four types of CD cover which we offer:

Bookend CD Cover:

Bookend CD case styles are more functional and versatile in use. The Bookend CD case as shown by its name has a book page style front, which helps store CDs in a protective and presentable way. The striking feature of our custom Bookend CD case is its two-layer panel which gives an elegant and durable eco friendly boxes.

Two Panel CD Covers:

Two panel CD Covers are in the form of a sleeve which gives a comfortable sliding of CDs. The primary purpose of this CD cover is to protect your CD from scratches and keep it safe and dust-free for optimum performance.

Four-Panel CD Jackets:

Four-panel CD Cover comes with four slots that can handle multiple CDs. The primary purpose of this type of CD cover is to store various CDs at a time. It has an additional panel to store extra informational materials like booklets and pamphlets.

Six-Panel CD Jackets:

The most significant advantage of the six-panel is that it can hold six CDs at a time. They are in the book made with three slides joined together. Six-panel is designed to keep your CDs fixed and not allow them to move.

All the CD covers have exceptional benefits. The choice is yours. Whether you want to design a Bookend CD Case or go for a six-panel CD case, we provide you with any style or design. If you can still decide which CD covers you should go for, our experts will assist you. You can determine what CD covers you should go for through our free consultation.

Why Can You Trust us?

  1. Our outstanding track record and immense experience in packaging across the globe.
  2. Market competitive rates yet the most premium quality CD covers.
  3. You don’t have to wait on us because of our incredibly super-fast turnaround.
  4. Biodegradable materials and high-quality printing.
  5. Our finest quality ink will give no chance of fading
  6. No restrictions for minimum or low orders.
  7. We supply custom Bookend CD cover to four-panel CD Cover with minimum to no shipment fee.

Sturdy and Eco-friendly Materials:

A CD is a valuable asset of a person. Whether it’s a game, movie, or any office data, CDs are the best option to store all of them effectively. And due to its vast storage benefits, no one wants to lose or spoil its collection. To protect the CD from being damaged, they should be made up of premium quality material. These CD covers are made up of high-quality cardboard, protecting the CD from scratches, damage, or other mishandling. Moreover, these CD covers are not as thick. You can easily store or take it with you or store it safely on a rack.

We provide a vivid range of high-quality wholesale packaging boxes materials to make your CD covers sturdy and reliable. You can go for premium quality cardboard paper, plastic, and various materials to choose from. We assure you that our material will protect your CD from dust light and keep it protected. Our material is up to standard and has gone through a strict quality control audit.

Build A Brand Image with Extraordinary Printing:

A well-designed packaging always shows the quality of the product. It can help you build the brand image. Fitting your logo and catchy titles printed on your CD covers can go a long way in building the brand. The use of vibrant colors and different themes makes it feel complete. The printing techniques like CMYK, STAMP PRINTING, PMS, and 3D printing can be used to print on your CD Covers.

TBP-UK is known for its state of art printing techniques. Our experts are there to assist you with your design, themes, and printing patterns. Our printed Bookend CD case with exceptional finishing can give a satisfying result once you get your hand on our CD cases.

Grab Our CD Cover Available At Affordable Prices:

Just connect with us now and make your final decision. Get ready to take advantage of our clear printed Bookend CD case. We have a simple order process. All you have to do is call or email us your demand. We make our best effort to deliver your CD covers before the desired time. So don’t wait, order us right now.

Hurry up! Enjoy our classy CD covers. We promise that our CD cases will never let you lose interest in CDs.

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