Salad Boxes

Salad boxes do an excellent job of keeping the freshness, aroma, and flavour of the salads they contain. These custom boxes are often made of kraft or cardboard material. They are resistant to oil due to lamination on the inside, making them the perfect option for preserving the quality of your wonderful salad.

Custom salad boxes are ideal if you run a restaurant or bakery. Environmentally friendly material has various unique and beneficial features that make it the most suitable and clean salad material. Style not only preserves the contents but also maintains their quality and provides an appealing display that elevates it beyond other packages of the same type.

We provide you with your custom-designed boxes to assist you to increase your sales. Cardboard salad boxes with your company’s branding on them keeps your customers returning even more. TPB-UK allows you to customise the shape and appearance of your custom-built box to accommodate your exquisite salads adequately. Place your purchase right now to get wholesale prices on each package.

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