The Packaging Boxes services are to be presented to be custom boxes as per the client’s requirements. The customer should inform us within 3-business days of receiving the order if the order is faulty in any way. Errors in printing, defective production or not in accordance with the finalized specifications. Our customer support can be reached at The Packaging Boxes doesn’t offer a full refund, however, we can reprint the whole order for free. If and only if provided that the error is proven to be at the company’s end. (The defect will be determined by an in-house management team.)

The full order must be shipped back to us within 7 business days at the customer’s expense. Please highlight the product defects or printing discrepancies by attaching any supporting documentation and digital photographs so the order may be printed correctly.

If the fault is at the customer’s end and they still require a refund, the complete order will have to be shipped back to The Packaging Boxes and the return amount will be provided after deducting the cost for product setup and shipping.