Handle Boxes

To offer your customers more convenience and ease of portability, incorporating handles in your boxes can be a great way. Whether it is a Custom cake boxes, Custom Gable Boxes, or a custom display box, The Packaging Boxes can add handles on numerous box styles as per your requirements. Common bakery items and other eatables are usually hand-carried by individuals. Custom handle boxes offer your customers more ease when taking the item from one place to another.

The handle boxes we offer can be customized in numerous ways some of which include: custom printing, making use of embossing, matte/glossy lamination, and other such elements. Your boxes will be designed for free by an in-house team of designers and should you want to add your artwork to the box, that can be done as well. The Packaging Boxes manufactures bespoke wholesale handle boxes from scratch at hard-to-beat prices.

If this is not what you were looking for, you can always choose your style of Packaging By Industry. Get in touch with TPB to get a free quote for economical custom handle boxes.

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