Double Glued Side Wall Tray & Sleeve

Retail items, storage things, and shipping products are better protected with Double Glue Side Wall boxes. The double-sided bonded walls of these boxes are well-known. Some of the boxes come with wall tray Sleeve packing, which includes a tray and sleeves. Double sticky sidewalls make up the tray. These Custom Boxes come in various sizes, including rectangular and tube forms, and can carry many products when ordered in multiple quantities. Food, cosmetics, technology, gifts, and ornamental things are all included in these boxes. We employ strong, high-quality, and long-lasting materials, such as robust cardboard, cardstock, paperboard, and Kraft paper.

These boxes are Biodegradable And Environmental Friendly. Its packaging material and double-glued wall keep things safe from damage and the elements. It is the safest and most secure way to store fragile objects for a more extended period. Brand messages, logos, product information, taglines, and directions are also printed. Small to medium-sized products can be packaged into these boxes. Double glue side wall packaging is the best option whether you need it for a home-based or professional enterprise. TPB UK, our firm, offers the best wholesale pricing. We give the greatest discounts on larger purchases; however, our basic process begins at 100 boxes.


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