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Luxury Apparel Boxes

Luxury Apparel Boxes – Getting attractive apparel boxes for your effective branding becomes a sensible solution for shipping clothing products. Client expectations are rising as the textile industry increases. Your high-quality clothing and packaging are the only things that provide you with a competitive advantage in this booming field.

When customers see your lingerie, blouses, stockings, underwear, sweaters, tops, and trousers in rigid box packaging, they will be astonished. These boxes are also necessary for the safe delivery of clothes orders placed on the internet. Impress walk-in shoppers by presenting your high-end clothing in one-of-a-kind apparel boxes for product purchase, and make your goods their first choice.

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With boxes available in all sizes, attractive graphics, and a vast selection of designs, materials, and flourishes, we have everything you need. Using an easy-to-follow design technique, create your bespoke Luxury Apparel Boxes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Apparel Boxes?

The only way to keep clothes fans engaged with your brand’s apparel is to get innovative, stylish, and modern with your product portfolio packaging. Personalised apparel boxes can help a business stand out from the crowd, encourage buyers to try on your clothes, and function as a brand ambassador, regardless of the goods you’re selling.

Available In All Sizes:

We customise apparel boxes for your brand in a variety of sizes. Thus, you always have unique packaging for every size. You can always have different packages for every kind of apparel.

Stand Out with The Latest Printing Technologies:

Packaging is an excellent technique to increase brand awareness. If you want your box to look exquisite, you’ll need to print your custom apparel box. We suggest you incorporate your company’s logo and colours into your printed luxury apparel boxes to show off your style.

However, no matter how minor the printing is, it must be done precisely, which we aim for at TPB-UK. When it comes to printing, we do not take any chances. We may print the most accessible and sophisticated graphics on your boxes. All you have to do now is provide us with a detailed description of what you’re want and what kind of clothing your brand offers.

Our printing staff works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to precisely receive what you want on your garment packages. PMS, CMYK, heat printing, embossing, and debossing are just a few of the methods we employ to print these packages accurately.

The printing methods ensure that the graphic is printed correctly, that the colours are vibrant, and that everything is clear. Our esteemed clients benefit from these quality packages since they increase the attraction of their goods to potential consumers. Our simple process makes it easier to create your custom apparel boxes.

Why Choose Us?

TPB-UK is a firm that specialises in the design and manufacture of packaging boxes. We produce wholesale apparel boxes. Let us know the size and shape of the parcels, and we’ll deliver them to you. We offer our customers a discount on these packages, making them very reasonable. Furthermore, we employ durable materials to assure the luxury apparel boxes’ longevity.

Through our specialist creative packaging approach, TPB-UK has assisted hundreds of businesses worldwide in achieving exceptional packaging. We strive to help our clients go above and beyond standards to surprise and delight their customers!


To manufacture environmentally friendly clothes packaging, we apply high-quality procedures. We only employ environmentally friendly materials in the creation of these packages. The cardboard apparel boxes are biodegradable and recyclable on their whole.

Design Support:

Our main goal is to provide our customers with high-quality custom boxes and knowledgeable design advice. Our packaging experts collaborate with you to develop winning packaging strategies by analysing your objectives and aspirations. Our free design guidance is very popular with customers. Evaluate your new layout in 3D or by holding and feeling a physical prototype. Before you place a production order, double-check your packaging.

Fast-Shipping Services:

We have an excellent track record of on-time delivery of wholesale garment boxes. Customers can choose between standard and express delivery options. Our customers value our prompt responses and on-time deliveries.


TPB-UK, a leading package printing firm, offers a wide range of packaging choices to help you get your garments ready for retail. Our high-quality printing, high-end surface finishing, and a wide range of architectural components will ensure that your brand stands out while protecting the items within. The following are the features and specifications of apparel boxes:

You can set the box’s length, width, and depth according to your requirements.

Printing Options:
Offset printing, CMYK, PMS, Heat stamping, Embossing, Debossing, foil printing are some of the most popular printing options we offer.

Attractive designs such as PVC Sheet, Custom Window Cut Out, Raised Ink, Window Patching enhance the overall look.

We use materials such as Kraft Paper, Card Stock, Cardboard and Corrugated to manufacture custom apparel boxes.

Coating options such as Matte, Gloss, Spot UV make the boxes look lavish.

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Fashion is all about being stylish by having the latest trends and presenting your best effort ahead. With this in mind, you’ll need apparel boxes that are both fashionable and tear-resistant. TPB-UK offers a wide range of clothing paper packaging with high-grade materials and excellent printing skills that effectively exhibit your brand’s features. We constantly endeavour to meet your creative aspirations, no matter what bespoke box you have in mind.

Custom apparel boxes is a complete solution for presenting your brand’s message in a custom packing box that shines out in the sales business. We can customise garment boxes in all styles, sizes, and printing styles thanks to our combined years of experience. Our custom garment packages are simple to put together and are always packed flat to create a big impression.

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