7 Eco Friendly Alternative To Bubble Wrap That Can Go With

eco-friendly bubble wrap

Many businesses use bubble wrap to protect delicate objects. They have been using it for many years. Corporate business leaders and the typical customer like these products. They are important for their shock absorption and resilience. However, they are infamous for harming the environment. Theoretically, void-filling wraps are recyclable. But, it is doubtful that your local government will accept it for collection. Hence, it can result in the plastic ending up in a landfill. There it can later contaminate the environment. The following is a detailed discussion of the various eco-friendly alternatives to this product.

What Is An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Bubble Wrap?

The following are some eco-friendly alternative options to bubble wrap:

  • Corrugated Bubble: The corrugated bubble is a particularly environmentally friendly alternative to bubble wrap. It is one of the important void fillers. Many brands are continually looking for more environmentally friendly choices. They are also finding better strategies to lessen their impact on the planet. This filler expresses the joy of introducing this wonderful product to the market. Eco friendly boxes are a great alternative we can use instead of plastic wraps.
  • Honeycomb Kraft Paper: Honeycomb Kraft was inspired by nature. It is surprisingly excellent at safeguarding products. You can use kraft paper to protect your packaged items. You can also use it to protect delicate objects composed of glass or ceramic. The honeycomb structure’s stretching and expansion can add lightweight protection. This novel substance is also available in rolls, making it simple to store on warehouse shelves.

You can also use these alternatives to package your fragile items. They will reach their destination in their best condition.

Is There Biodegradable Bubble Wrap?

Rolls of biodegradable bubble wrap prevent your transported items from breaking. They also keep them safe from various damages during transit. However, all of the layers of this void filler are simply thrown away once the products have reached their destination securely. Traditional plastic wraps may take hundreds of years to completely decompose once they are in landfills. This is why Biogone is introducing a new kind of void filler. It can offer the convenience of quick and simple usage protection. It is also less damaging to the environment.

You can use rolls of bubble wrap made by Biogone in the same way as regular plastic wrap. However, Biogone has made them biodegrade in landfills 20 times more quickly than regular ones. Biogone has also produced them in a variety of sizes. We can use them to safeguard all kinds of outbound packed supplies. Additionally, it is also possible to recycle it alongside other soft plastics. You can drop off these packaging solutions at your neighbourhood soft recycling facilities. Hence, it will help to lessen the amount of garbage you contribute to landfills.

What Is Better Than Bubble Wrap?



Is There Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

The following are various kinds of solutions we can use to protect fragile items. We will see their capacity to ensure the safety of the packaged items.

  • Protecting Surfaces: Bubble wrap and packing paper will shield mirror, dish, and picture frame surfaces. However, packing paper comes out on top in this case. Compared to plastic wrap, packing paper will take up less room. It will also require you to use less of it to protect your fragile products.
  • Protecting Large Items: Bubble wrap is a powerful hitter when it comes to preventing breakage or damage to your large objects. Appliances and other valuables like lamps truly need that heavy-duty protection. This void filler is the undisputed champion for securing larger items. It is because it will shield all of your items from impact harm. It’s weight and air-filled cushioning power are lacking in packing paper. Hence, you have to use plastic wrap for larger items.
  • Electronics: Bubble wrap performs admirably. Electronics have several delicate components. These components need particular cushioning and protection during transit. Sharp edges and plugs can pierce packing paper. However, thick layers of air-filled plastic will be considerably more difficult to penetrate. Hence, here you can use a void-filling wrap for better protection of fragile electronics
  • The Environment: Many businesses offer 100% recyclable bubble wrap. However, packing paper eventually decomposes more quickly during the recycling process. Both of these packaging materials take resources and energy to produce. However, packing paper will also need less energy than plastic wrap. Hence, paper packing is a better choice to protect the environment.

Hence, we can conclude that both void fillers are important. Their pros and cons may depend upon their use of a particular product. It is your point of view that can make one of them the best choice.

How Do You Protect Without Bubble Wrap?

Thick furniture blankets or worn-out blankets can make excellent substitutes for bubble wrap. Their weight is high. Thus, they may not be suitable for tiny, fragile items because of their mass. You can also use towels to wrap your delicate items without spending any money. You can easily find used towels.

Can I Use Paper Towels Instead Of Bubble Wrap?

Yes, we can use paper towels to wrap your products. It can be one of the best options to wrap your delicate products by spending less. They can be a better choice than bubble wrap. Keep in mind that towels are heavier as compared to plastic wrap. Hence, you must account for the additional weight when using towels to protect your delicate items.

Are Bubble Wraps Bad For The Environment?

Some businesses say that this void filler is recyclable. It is a bad choice because it is not decomposable. In fact, according to Green Citizen, the time it takes to completely degrade in a landfill can range from 10 to 1,000 years. A single sheet of this cushioning solution can last up to a thousand years. Thus, it has an effect on the environment. It is because of its production from plastic. This material is not biodegradable. Hence, we can say that it is bad for our environment due to its non-biodegradable nature.

Why Is Bubble Wrap Not Sustainable?

The arrival of bubble wrap was a breakthrough in the packaging industry. It also quickly rose to become the most well-known type of protective packaging on the planet. There is also the use of non-biodegradable plastic materials in its production. It means that it can also have a negative impact on the environment. They are also infamous for harming the environment. It is theoretically recyclable. But your local government will not accept it for collection to recycle it. Hence, it is not a sustainable packaging choice.

Is Styrofoam Better Than Bubble Wrap?

Both void-filling wraps and Styrofoam packaging provide excellent protection. Thus, you can use whichever one you like. However, Styrofoam also offers attributes that protect sensitive surfaces and polished finishes. It is also because of its capacity to lessen scuffing, rubbing, and marking. Bubble wrap may also offer simplicity of use, affordability, and efficient protection. Hence, these materials are important for protecting your delicate items.

Is Honeycomb Wrap Better Than Bubble Wrap?

Honeycomb wraps can provide better protection than plastic wraps for fragile items. The material is denser than bubble wrap. The honeycomb pattern also offers a more stable cushion. It will also lower the possibility of damage during transit. A tough and custom-engineered kraft paper material is called a honeycomb. It has been shown to be perfect for a variety of applications. You can use it for packaging, pallets, dunnage, furniture inner structures, and sign displays. Hence, we can say that honeycomb can offer better protection for your delicate items.

What Is Corrugated Bubble Wrap?

Corrugated wraps are a 100% recyclable and curbside recyclable paper-based substitute for plastic wraps and foam peanuts. Most businesses make it from leftover materials from the production of shipping boxes. It is also a particularly environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wraps and void fillers. Many businesses are using it to protect their delicate items.

What Is The One Downside To Bubble Wrap?

It has an effect on the environment because of its production from plastic. This plastic material is not biodegradable. This is one of the big drawbacks that make it unsuitable for various applications. It will also have a bad impact on our environment. It can also spoil the image of your brand in the market. You have to go for sustainable practices to have a good name in the market.

Why Is Bubble Wrap Good For The Environment?

Why Is Bubble Wrap Good For The Environment

Bubble wrap is flexible, lightweight, and recyclable. It can also help you save money and lessen your influence on the environment. You can also use it again for other items like art projects or stress reduction. Hence, its reusability can help to lessen its impact on the environment.

Where Can I Buy Bubble Wrap in UK

The following are various ways to buy this void filler in the UK:

  • Local Sellers
  • The first step in purchasing this void filler is to search in and around your neighbourhood. These void fillers are available for purchase from nearby sellers. You should contact various sellers and get quotes. You can compare these quotes and finalize the most suitable seller according to your budget.
  • Dedicated Manufacturers
  • You can also find several dedicated manufacturers of void-filling solutions. Many companies are preparing them according to the needs of their clients. You can visit their website and get contact details. It will give you an opportunity to contact various manufacturers to get price quotes. You should select the most reputable manufacturer to buy these void fillers.
  • Exhibitions Or Expos: Every year, several businesses purchase wholesale void fillers for their products. Some packaging manufacturing companies print their void fillers to draw the attention of clients. These businesses frequently attend different kinds of exhibitions to search for lifelong customers. As a result, several of them give clients deals for six months or a year. The length of this period and the price per box will be set. Hence, it will allow you to purchase your packaging fillers at a lower cost.
  • Social Media Sellers: There are various social media platforms. Many companies have started selling their products via social media platforms. It is because they can advertise their products to a large number of people. They can easily find their target customers. Hence, you can see various packaging ads on different social media websites. You can contact the seller and get details. Hence, you can easily get bubble wraps for your products from social medial sellers.


There are various alternative options toΒ bubble wrap. We have seen that this void filler is not recyclable and sustainable. It can have many serious impacts on our environment. You should find better alternatives to keep our ecosystem safe. We also have explained various substitutes for this material. We also have discussed in detail how you can protect your products from various risks during transit. Sustainable and biodegradable alternatives can help your business win appreciation from buyers. You can buy these fillers with desired characteristics from the places we have mentioned here.

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