Difference Between Frustration Free and Standard Packaging

Frustration free packaging

Since Amazon introduced Frustration-free packaging, or FFP for short, there’s been a debate regarding FFP and standard packaging. Are you interested in knowing which service is suitable for your brand? The Packaging Boxes is here to help! Let’s start by understanding the two types in depth to make an informed decision. 

What is Standard Packaging?

Amazon’s standard service is traditional packaging at its best. You’ll receive an ordinary cardboard box wrapped in plastic with clamshells and wire ties holding it together. The reason behind the introduction of FFP was “wrap rage.” Customers began complaining about Amazon packages being challenging to open due to the heavy wrapping and the unforgiving wire ties that bind them all together. While the packaging is safe for your products, customers became unsatisfied with how frustrating it was to pry it open. 

The Introduction of Frustration-free Packaging

Amazon first introduced Frustration-free Packaging back in 2008 after getting complaints about their standard service. As the name suggests, this new packaging service allowed customers to rid themselves of the frustration of figuring out how to open their packages. FFP is a cheaper alternative to standard packaging, using less materials and boasting higher sustainability.

Not only do these packaging boxes allow you to get rid of the hassle, but they also allow manufacturers and buyers to help make the planet greener. FFP boxes naturally take up less space compared to standard packaging as they don’t have all the excess materials like plastic wrap, making them convenient for the buyers. 

The one downfall of Frustration-free Packaging is less protection, as it’s just the barest of packaging solutions. FFP is fantastic for buyers when they order products that aren’t expensive; however, these boxes are not suitable for high-end products. At the same time, they’re fantastic for sellers as they save you a ton of money on packaging.


We hope this article helped you understand the difference between Frustration-free and standard packaging. So, you can make an informed decision when you’re selling products on Amazon.

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