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Rigid Gift Boxes

Rigid gift boxes usually referred to as custom gift boxes, are ideal for high-end or luxury items. For maximum product protection, these boxes are built of thick paperboard. Choose from two-piece rigid boxes with separate lids and bases or a one-piece magnetic rigid box.

You can choose a simple, single-colour design or go as creative as you like with the artwork on the exterior and interior of your rigid box. Use additions like foil stamping or embossing to give your packaging that subtle beauty. The standard matte or glossy finish is applied to all rigid boxes. If you choose thick, robust, custom gift boxes, your products will be safe and secure. For a more enhanced unboxing experience, pair it with a personalised box insert.

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These rigid boxes are printed with nontoxic soy-based ink that produces high-quality prints. You can also choose Kraft rigid boxes are the most environmentally friendly rigid box option available, as they are 100 per cent biodegradable and compostable when not coated with finishes. Instead of utilising the normal plastic laminate, switch to biodegradable lamination for rigid boxes. So visit TBP-UK and custom order your rigid gift boxes now.

What’s Special in Rigid Gift Boxes?

Rigid gift boxes, which come in various forms and sizes, may add a special touch to any occasion. Complicated gift boxes are not acceptable on the market. Thus, a present box should be simple to open. Our gift boxes are simple and elegant, made from unique cardboard and vibrant art paper. In our gift boxes, we use hidden magnets to keep them closed and secure.

We utilise copper, gold, and silver foil to make it more ornamented and gorgeous. Plastic in gift boxes contributes to pollution and health risks, but paper maintains them recyclable, cost-effective, and human-friendly. Small businesses can boost their profitability by offering our gift boxes, which are less expensive but high in quality. Gifting makes people happy, and if it’s presented in a lovely gift box, it inspires and delights others with priceless delight.

Best Printing Techniques:

Our secret to success in the industry is printing perfection. We are the finest in the business because of our excellent work on the printing boxes, which includes meticulous colour schemes and high-quality ink. To assure high-quality products, we employ one of the best printing processes, such as screen printing, offset printing, and digital printing, at TPB-UK.

Wishes and words imprinted on the box make them much more enjoyable and valuable. Our grey gift boxes are the ideal example of flawless printing and personalisation since they are laminated with glossy and matte finishes and foiled with copper, silver, and gold, making them more valuable. Our printing team always develops new printing designs and encourages customers to expand their organisational creativity.

Custom-Printed Rigid Gift Boxes:

Customising products increase the value and profitability of the product. The necessity of product customisation is gradually becoming an effective and efficient means of doing business in the printing sector. The market is flooded with identical products from a variety of manufacturers. On the other hand, customers do not have the time to compare companies.

Nonetheless, our gift boxes are personalised so that customers want to buy them since their chosen products are available in the right size and design. Rigid gift boxes wholesale offers our customers the services they require, as we decorate our gift boxes according to the preferences of our customers.

Gift boxes with embossed and debossed logos and wishes are more attractive and appealing, thanks to our experts who realise our customers’ demands. We offer flexible and low-cost services, but there are no hidden prices because we work with honesty and integrity.

Multi-Purpose Rigid Gift Boxes:

Gifts in elegant boxes bring your loved ones even more delight and satisfaction. Our custom favour boxes can motivate you and other users. They are appealing because of their easy accessibility and fancy styles with different colour schemes. They may be easily gathered in a matter of minutes and are ideal for enclosing gifts while conveying remarkable expression without the risk of hefty shipping fees.

Rigid gift boxes with lids are an excellent choice for high-end gifts and food products. It satisfies the desire of retailers to offer a posh image for their brand or stores. Rigid boxes have a lid and a foldable base, allowing retailers to stack the boxes flat in the store to conserve space.

Our other gift boxes are likewise space-efficient and inexpensive, but buyers are always drawn to them because of their quality and style.

High-Quality Materials:

The primary and most important function of packing is to keep your things safe throughout shipping and in retailers. As a result, our packaging is built of hard and durable materials that safeguard your items from the elements. We value and rely on your products, and it is our obligation to ensure their safety. Extra protection is provided by the number of layers used in rigid gift boxes.

Cardboard, Cardstock, Kraft, Boxboard, Corrugated.

are some of the top materials we employ. We utilise 100% biodegradable cardboard for our projects. TPB-UK contributes to a green environment as a responsible company by manufacturing sustainable packaging. We utilise soy-based ink that doesn’t emit harmful gases into the atmosphere. We are mindful of the repercussions of increasing packaging waste and strive to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Why Choose TPB-UK?

We’ve been providing packaging and printing services for a long time to ensure that our valued customers have access to the best services. Our products increase client confidence in the company, and our rigid gift boxes are a hit on the market because of our solid customer base. Because of their durability and beautiful patterns, our custom boxes are popular in every market.

The fact that gift boxes come in various designs, such as 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling, and Flat View, adds to their value. We have an advantage over other firms since we have a low minimum, 100 gift boxes, and free shipping. We offer services at a low cost, but never at the expense of our high-quality standards. Purchasing our items will strengthen your faith in us, and your input will help us make adjustments based on your preferences.

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